Meet Angee

Have you ever found yourself say, "I just don't have time to do everything I want to do" or maybe "I can't seem to get it all done and my to-do list keeps multiplying instead of reducing"?

By the time my clients come to me, they are in a state of overwhelm and these are common statements I hear from them. They are frazzled and working longer and harder than they ever thought they would.

When we start our business, we have this idealistic fantasy of what it can be but we have no idea the amount of work it will take behind the scenes to have those fantasies come to reality. We look at people like Marie Forleo, Natalie McNeil, Danielle LaPort, etc. and want a business just like them and thinking if we do this one more thing, sign up for one more program or work that extra hour it will make all the difference. 

What I've seen all too often is the lights of many entrepreneurs burn out because they just couldn't keep up with the pace and they felt their desire was out of reach or impossible to achieve. I've seen too many entrepreneurs literally make themselves sick or put those things, such as family, to the side with the hope that once they get past this period it will get better only to find it gets worse. 

I know what it is like to be in that place of fear and desperation wanting something to work out so badly and knowing that your vision seems so clear yet the path to get there seems tainted with weeds and obstacles. 

One of the secrets to the success of the likes of Marie, Natalie, Danielle and countless other entrepreneurs is that they didn't do it alone. They knew that in order to get to where they wanted to be, they had to enlist help and bring in people that could hold and share the same vision they have. 

Even God in all his infinite wisdom when creating man knew it was not good for man to be alone so he created him a helpmate, Eve. We are not meant to be, do or have alone. Why would we think we have to do business alone either?

We can't and that is what I have seen over the last 14 years separate my successful clients from those whose flames burn out. Those who have an excellent platform, voice, gift to the world but the price was too high of a sacrifice to continue further. 

Oh we can do it alone but there is a price to pay. I grew up with a single mom. Her drive was fear. Fear of not being able to feed her child. Fear of not being able to put a roof over her head. I watched my mom work endless hours to make ends meet. I very rarely saw her. I was one of those proverbial "latch key" kids. My mom worked 7 days a week, 363 days a year (only taking off for Thanksgiving & Christmas Day).

She refused to take a hand out. Her pride overtook her and we just wouldn't let anyone help us. While some would see this as admirable, I just wanted my mom. I wanted a mom who could participate with me in school. I wanted a mom who would let me have spend the night parties instead of being so tired I had to walk on eggshells around her. I wanted a mom who would fulfill her promise to take me shopping instead of one that would come home from work with migraines. 

While my mom wasn't running a business, she was running someone else's and I saw the price she paid and continues to pay to this day in her 70s. She still works 7 days a week. She has no relationship with her children, grandchildren or even her great grandchildren. Now it isn't about fear as much as it has become a way of life for her. Asking for help is still a difficulty.

Despite what you’ve been told, you cannot do it all.
(And you don’t have to.)

I'm not a big proponent of work/life balance. I don't believe we can achieve perfect balance. I do believe though that we are not meant to put all our focus in one area nor do it alone. This is part of the reason I do the work I do. When I discovered the virtual assistant industry over a decade ago, I felt an instant connection as if it was my calling to help overworked, overwhelmed entrepreneurs to be able to focus on what they love and invest in all areas of their lives. 

I enrolled in a training program with and once I graduated, I opened my business. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs over the years to be able to find freedom in their business. I given them a sense of relief and peace and they feel like they don't have to be alone any more. Client have gained back time to focus not only on aspects of their business they love but also time to be with family, take on a new hobby, mark something off their bucket list. My favorite phrase I hear from my clients is, "well that was easy." 

While I can't work with everyone one on one, I can help entrepreneurs like yourself experience this same freedom by learning how to find a virtual assistant for your business. Some people are ready and some people may not be ready. I invite you to find out by taking the free Virtual Assistant Readiness Quiz. I look forward to supporting you to free yourself and focus on what you love.